Essential Oils Storage: Hot Oils

When it comes to essential oils storage, summer can present some challenges!

Left your oils in the car and it’s hot out? Not to worry – it won’t hurt them. According to David Stewart, Ph.D., D.N.M., true essential oils are not hurt by the heat as long as you keep the bottle closed.

You see, true essential oils are distilled at temperatures higher than what it takes to boil water. Therefore, high temperatures are not harmful as the compounds are stable at those temperatures. If they weren’t, then they would not have survived the distillation process. Even if your oils do get extremely hot in your car and some of the compounds separate, just leave the bottle closed. As soon as the temperature of the oil has returned to room temperature, they will condense and again become liquid and remain unadulterated.

Keep in mind this is only for pure distilled essential oils. For more information check out Dr. Stewart’s book “The Chemistry of Essential Oils Made Simple.”

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