Did You Know: The Grade & Quality of Your Essential Oil Matters!

Did you ever Google information on essential oils and find conflicting information?  Some say you can eat the oils some say never to eat oils and some say they are only for aromatherapy. Did you know the grade and quality of your essential oil matters how you use it?

Here’s some helpful information that will be useful to know when you are searching:

First, there are many grades of oils.  Most oils on the market are perfume grade.  That means they only have to put 5% pure oil in the bottle to say pure lavender oil.  However, these oils usually have a caution on the label that says “not for internal or topical use.”

True therapeutic grade essential oils should tell you on the label how to use them as a dietary supplement or how to use them topically.  This means that there is 100% pure oil in the bottle that has not been adulterated or had chemicals added.

Also, there are three schools of thought on the use of essential oils.  The German, English/British, and French.

  1. The German believe that inhaling the oils is the best way to get the benefits of the essential oils.  They normally do not recommend ingestion.
  2. The English/British believe that inhalation and topical is acceptable but that you never eat an essential oil.  They also recommend that you use essential oils only under the supervision of a certified aroma therapist or doctor.
  3. The French model believes that essential oils that are of the highest quality can be used orally or topically and has many health and wellness benefits.

I have friends that assure me they will never eat an essential oil.  That’s fine; you don’t necessarily need to in order to get the benefits.

What does that mean for you?  I always tell people first and foremost to be sure you know the grade and quality of your oil.  Then use them how you are most comfortable.

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