Support For a Sensitive Stomach While Traveling

If you have from a sensitive stomach while traveling, whether flying, driving or on a cruise, you know that it can ruin a great vacation.

Feeling green on any form of transportation for any length of time is no fun! So here’s what I did when it happened to me – I put a drop of Ginger Vitality oil with a drop of Peppermint Vitality oil in an empty vegetable capsule and swallowed it to help soothe my yucky travel tummy!

By simply taking this ahead of time it can also help you deal with that crazy spouse who’s driving you hate, that unexpected turbulence on the plane or those nasty waves at sea!

The other great thing about taking both of these essential oils along is that they will help support digestive health after those big meals we all tend to each while on vacation.  And – if you’re traveling to a warm, sunny place, a drop of Peppermint Vitality in your water can help cool you down on a warm day! (Read my post Top 10 Reasons I Carry Peppermint At All Times!)

If you have a sensitive stomach while traveling, Young Living Essential Oils are a good alternatives  as they are chemical free and safe and easy to travel with.  Just throw the bottles in that plastic baggie with your other carry-on items and you’re ready to go!

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