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Positive Ions

Positive ions are produced by electronic equipment and are found in man-made environments.  They help stimulate the sympathetic nervous system, necessary for recovering, strengthening and energizing.  However, an overabundance of positive ions can contribute to stress and agitation.  These positive ions are created by lights, computer screens, cell phones and more.

Negative Ions

Negative ions are produced by the ocean, the forest, salt lamps and essential oils.  Getting these negative ions (which are actually positive for our bodies!) will help rebalance your energy.  They can also help support relaxation and ease occasional nervous irritability.  So if you’re fortunate enough to be able to take a walk on the beach today that’s a great way to get some exercise, meditate and relax and get some negative ions to recharge your body.

Uplift With Essential Oils

However, if you’re like me and live in the cold northeast, we are not that fortunate.  So, you can do what I do and turn on your salt lamp and diffuse some essential oils.  Salt lamps have become very popular and are being sold at most health food stores.  You can also find them in most stores that sell crystals.

My favorite essential oils this time of year are the citrus oils.  Essential oils like lemon, orange, tangerine are very inexpensive and not only will the produce negative ions, they will also help to uplift your mood. (This is why when you go to the spa for some pampering and relaxation they diffuse lavender.

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