Best Essential Oils for Travel

So in a couple of weeks I’ll be headed to Dallas, TX, for our annual Young Living International Convention. I love traveling and seeing new cities, but I always check the weather before I go. Wow! It’s 100 plus degrees there every day this week. I love the heat, but this will be interesting.

More important to consider than the weather or what I will pack to wear, is what oils I will take with me. Obviously I’ll pack all my YL skin care, hair care and supplements and even some NingXia Red in 2 ounce packets. I have all my favorite nutritional products with me and my NingXia Nitro for that energy boost each afternoon!

As for actual oils here’s what I find most important and best essential oils for travel:

  • DiGize Vitality:  Definitely a must as travelers tend to eat heavier and try new things. This will help keep my digestion regular and keep me from feeling that “Wow, I overate, feeling.” (Be sure to check out my blog post Remedies for a Sensitive Stomach While Traveling)
  • Peppermint Vitality:  Also aids digestion but is great on the back of your neck to cool you down in the hot weather. It supports my sinuses so I can breathe easier at night, and can be used as a quick breath freshener in a pinch. Not to mention that, after being on our feet all day, it will help soothe my sore and tired feet before heading out for evening activities.
  • LemonVitality:  This citrusy oil helps purify my water, which is important if I get tap water at a restaurant. It also tastes great and helps support my immune system.  Not to mention that a drop of Lemon with a drop of Peppermint can sooth my feet to keep me going all night!
  • Thieves Vitality:  Will support my immune system, as we know the stress of travel can take a toll.
  • Lavender:  Sleeping in a hotel room can be difficult. This soothing oil helps me to relax and rest better at night.

What else will I take? Who knows! I always carry more than I need to, but feel lost when I don’t. The good news is there will be 10,000 of us crazy oilers there, so if I forget something I want, I’m sure I can find a kind soul to share some with me. Now…I just have to figure out what to wear and how big of a suitcase I can get away with!

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