It’s True: Essential Oils Boost Productivity!

Did you know that essential oils can help to boost productivity?  They can support memory and boost your mood, but did you realize by doing those things, they can also boost your productivity?

Are you more productive when you’re in a better mood?  I know I am!  Whenever I’m working and I’m feeling pumped, happy and healthy, I get so much more done.  So, it stands to reason that if I diffuse oils that make me feel great I’ll be more productive.

In fact, right now I’m diffusing lavender and peppermint. The lavender keeps me relaxed and on task. If you know me you know I’m very high energy, so staying on task is key. The peppermint tends to give me an energy boost so no 2 p.m. slump after lunch for me!

Why not share it with everyone in the office?  Researchers in Japan have shown that lemon essential oil was an effective aroma when rooms were scented with its fragrance and that 54 percent fewer typing errors were made by employees who worked with computers. They also found that jasmine reduced typing errors by 33 percent and lavender lowered errors by 20 per cent.  Think of what other errors could be reduced and how much this could boost productivity in your office!

Don’t believe me? Get a diffuser and some lemon oil and give it a try, especially during this time of year, when we are all struggling to keep our mood up with the gloomy weather.  If nothing, else, at least your customers will love the smell when they come visit you!