Boarding Your Pet? Ease Their Worries By Packing Essential Oils for Pets!

How many of you have boarded or plan to board a pet while traveling this winter? Did you bring a favorite toy or treat with them to help them adjust? Don’t forget Essential oils for pets!

Did you know…

Bringing along your dog’s favorite oils and a diffuser – scents your pooch is used to – will help keep them relaxed. Most kennels want to help your pet remain stress free and happy when they are separated from you, oftentimes suggesting you bring any special treats, blankets, or toys that the animal plays with the most.

Sprinkling a little lavender on your pet’s blanket will help them stay calm and relaxed at night and it may even be possible to leave a diffuser at the kennel and request that they run it during the day for your pet. Other oils that can help them have a better stay – Lemon, Orange, or Tangerine for mood uplifting and Stress Away, Christmas Spirit and Believe for when they get restless.

An upset stomach can also happen when your little budy is at the kennel. Consider DiGize Vitality blend to support Fido’s digestive system while away. A couple of drops in his water or in a vegetable capsule will help his tummy feel better during his stay.

We all know that vacation is a fun and exciting time for our family, but don’t overlook your pet’s feelings about being left behind in a strange place. Following some of these simple tips can make for a better experience for your beloved furry family member while you are away.

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