Did you know that immune system issues and digestion are closely linked? Most ailments stem from a compromised immune system, caused by a digestive system that has been thrown off-balance. Young Living enzymes supplements for immune support and digestion health assist our bodies in performing the complex processes of breaking down and processing what we consume.

I cannot stress enough the importance of enzymes in regulating the body’s systems and aiding in detoxifying the liver, pancreas, and gallbladder. Digestive enzymes break down what we eat, support our body’s ability to absorb the nutrients we need and sustain the process of eliminating waste, which if not removed, is seen as poison by the body.

Our bodies do not naturally produce all of the enzymes needed to eliminate waste…we need to get some from the food we eat. So, eating healthy is important! However, sometimes even if you eat healthy, cooking our foods can break down enzymes even before they get to do their job.

So how can we make sure that we get the enzymes we need for proper function?

Young Living has many oils and supplements to help balance your digestive system

  • Allerzyme, one of my favorites, is a complex blend of enzymes used to help the body utilize nutrients, support the full digestive process and the immune system.
  • Essentialzyme is a multi-enzyme complex that helps to promote wellness, balance, digestion and nutrient
  • Sulfurzyme offers the powerful effects of MSM, which is a natural form of dietary sulfur known to support normal metabolic functions, circulation, and aid in the body’s natural defense system. Wolfberry is added to promote absorption of the sulfur. This supports a balanced immune system.

You can read more about digestion and enzymes in The Essential Oils Desk Reference by Life Science Publishing.  There is a whole chapter on nutrition and enzymes!

Contact me, Lisa Boucher, at (518) 321-5944 to learn how Young Living Essential Oils enzymes for allergies and digestive health can improve your quality of life and boost your immune system! I am your one-stop shop for Young Living Essential Oils in Glens Falls, Queensbury, Lake George and Saratoga Springs region.

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