So as I was washing my hair in the shower today (OK – I really only rinsed it as I knew I was wearing it up all day) I started wondering just how often should I wash my hair.  And, what is this dry shampoo thing I’ve heard others talking about?

So I decided to do a little research, and oh boy do the answers vary.  Some say only wash one per week but condition 2-3.  Others say wash 2 times per week and condition those days.  Others say well it really depends on the type of hair you have.  Hmmm… Well, that didn’t help at all!

So I started thinking back on what I’ve done with my hair all these years.  I am usually a “wash it every day” kind of girl.  I have pin straight hair and if I go a day without washing it feels like it’s flying all over the place and just looks dull.  So, If I’m planning on wearing it down for the day it definitely gets washed.  On days like today, when I’m planning on wearing it up all day I just wet it and let it go.

Other things that influence my decision are what I’ve done for the day.  For instance, if I wash it first thing in the morning and then work in the garden all day I only rinse at the end of the day.  However, if I’m feeling really grimy after working in the garden or tractor pulling (which is extremely dirty!) I will wash a second time and then only rinse the next morning.

Here is what I’ve really found.

The shampoo and conditioner are really what matters as well as your water.  We have a well and have hard water (that means there are a lot of minerals in it).  When we lived without a water softener system the hard water was very harsh on my hair and I felt like i HAD to wash my hair every day.  Now that we have a water softener, I’m finding that my hair seems softer and more manageable.  I find when we travel and I have to shower in water that has been treated with chlorine or other chemicals it really drys it out.  My hair never feels and looks as good when we travel as it does when I’m home.

I’ve also found that the shampoo and conditioner matter too.  When I switched to all natural shampoo and conditioner and stopped using the ones filled with chemicals, I found that my hair didn’t seem to be stripped of it’s natural oils that keep it healthy and shiny.  I also found that I could keep using the same products for longer periods of time without switching them out.  I’ve also noticed that since I’ve started using shampoo and conditioner with quality essential oils in them my hair feels and looks healthier, shiner and thicker.

One other thing I have found with my pin straight hair.  If I let it dry by itself it seems to feel less under control then when I blow dry it.  However, I’ve also found that when I blow dry it it looks shinier so…  although I know that heat isn’t always good for it, i do prefer to blow dry it if I wear it down.  But, when I’m going to wear it up I just leave it wet.  (In my mind this s a good comprimise and from what I found on the internet it looks like it is.)

Oh yeah, one last thing, I found some reasons and recipes for the dry shampoo idea.  It looks cool and seems like it could work but I’m not quiet sure I’m ready for that.  I guess not having kids to chase after and having the luxury of showering whenever I want is what has kept me from needing to try it.  However, If you’ve tried the dry wash I’d love to hear from you on what recipe you used and how often you do it.  I’m always curious about new and chemical free ways to better health!

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