So we went on a little trip to Florida this week.  One of the things I hate is looking for food in the airport and around the area we stay in for healthy yet inexpensive alternatives for food.  So here are my top tips I thought I’d share with you to make your upcoming vacations easier to deal with. (Don’t forget to pack your Essential Oils!)

Tips For Healthy Eating On The Go:

  1. Healthy Travel Eating Tips

    Pick a hotel that has at least a mini fridge in it.  Eating out for every meal can be expensive.  I love to be able to pick up groceries when we get there so that we can save some money even just on bottled water.

  2. Did you know you can pack certain foods in your carry on?  I put in my favorite protein bars, apples and even some veggies.  Carrots and celery are easy to cut up ahead of time and put in a little baggie.  You can pop them in your carry on item and have them handy.  Best part is they don’t really need to be refrigerated so they will keep all day!  (By the way I’ve even seen some people pack their own sandwich – no kidding!)
  3. Find a good grocery store when you get to where you are going.  I love the Publix stores in Florida.  They have some great choices and a really cool deli department.  At the resort we just stayed at we had a full kitchen and they had gas grills outside.  So we planned ahead to eat at the resort restaurant the first night, go out on the town one night, and then grill right at the resort the last night so we could really chill and relax all day.  I have to say that the burgers we grilled hit the spot.  And we were able to buy some potato salad at Publix to enjoy with it.  (This actually might have been my favorite meal the whole time we were there!)
  4. Buy oatmeal and pack it ahead of time.  I love the healthy Qia oatmeal that I get at our local health food store.  I also pick up walnuts and freeze dried berries to add.  Again, they do not have to be refrigerated and all you need to do is add hot water for a yummy and healthy breakfast.  These can easily be packed in your checked luggage.
  5. Protein shakes travel well too!  I have a couple of different protein powders that I like.  They come in a hard plastic container and are easy to pack.  (I put these in my checked luggage so I don’t have to cart them through the airport.)  All I have to do is add water for a great mid-morning or afternoon snack on the go! Did you know you can get greens powder and get all of your leafy nutrients in your shake too?  I love to buy the greens powder at the same store I get my oatmeal from.  This greens powder gives me all of the “leafy” nutrients that we get from a salad or our normal green smoothie I make each morning at home – without the need for a blender!  (You can also get capsules with the goodness of the veggies too – I get those for my husband as he refuses to eat the protein shake!)
  6. Buy a bulk veggie platter while at the grocery store.  My husband and I wanted good snacks during the afternoon but knew it would need to be something ready and easy (and fun) to eat.  So, we bought a veggie platter all ready to go that included the ranch dressing.  (OK – don’t judge – the ranch dressing is still better than us eating potato chips and cookies all day!)
  7. If you really want to have a few drinks, buy them ahead too!  The Publix in Florida also has a liquor store hooked to it.  So – rather than spend $14 per drink at the resort, we spent $20 for a bottle of already made margaritas (again don’t judge!  You could also get wine if you like!)

One of the things we’ve also found is that a lot more restaurants are catering to food allergies and preferences.  So don’t be afraid to ask if they will make a dish a little different for you.  I’ve gotten so when I order a burger anywhere we go I ask for it without the bun.  This makes it gluten and carb free!  I find the bun is really just a filler anyway – the meat is what I really want!

What are your favorite tips and tricks to eating well when you travel? Contact me, Lisa Boucher, for more information on supporting your healthy lifestyle with healthy food, a healthy lifestyle and Young Living Essential Oils and products!