Chemical Free Products for Dogs

You’ve probably looked at using safer shampoos, soaps etc., for you and your kids, but what about your dog? What about Fido? Here’s 5 things to think about when it comes to a pet-friendly, chemical free home:

1. When you clean your floors do you walk on them barefoot when they are wet? Well Fido does whether he wants to or not. Remember that the pads of his feet touch everything and those toxins get into his body in a very short period of time through his skin. It only takes seconds; plus he’ll probably lick them later too.

2. What about plug-in air fresheners? Is your dog’s nose the same height as that plug-in? A dog’s sense of smell is stronger than ours to begin with. So if you’re putting something in the air strong enough for you to smell it then most likely it’s overload for him. And, those air fresheners have way too many chemicals in them and are ending up in his lungs. Research the ingredients and you’ll see what I mean.

Chemical Free shampoos for dogs3. Shampoos and other products can get through their fur and skin just the same as ours. So remember that anything you wash them with gets into their bodies within seconds (not minutes) so even if you’re only washing him for a few minutes it’s still getting into his blood stream. Consider trying a chemical free shampoo designed specifically for dogs, instead.

4. Dog food is not all made the same. Many ingredients in dog food today are fillers and other ingredients that you wouldn’t eat, so why are you feeding them to Fido? Be sure to do your research and find foods that really are what Fido was meant to eat.

5. Vaccines – OK – I know this one is wildly debated in many forums. I’m not going to tell you not to vaccinate. I’m going to tell you to review the actual need for the vaccine schedule that is being used. I have been working with a holistic vet and she has done her research. She and I do believe that we should vaccinate for rabies and many other prominent issues, however, make sure you don’t over vaccinate just to follow the “normal” schedule. You can have a titer drawn to prove if the last vaccine is still active in your pet.

A great place to research the ingredients on your pet’s food, shampoos and more is at EWG is a non-profit organization that does not take money from large corporations – they do independent reviews on thousands of products a year and share that information with you. If you are looking for chemical free products for dogs or other pets, I urge you to check it out today.

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