Fennel Essential Oil - For What?

Once upon a time I bought a bottle of Fennel essential oil.  I hated the smell and gave it away.  Recently I received 3 bottles of fennel essential oil for free.  So – I have decided that this week “I need to make friends with it” as my friend Lori would say.

This morning I did some research on Fennel essential oil and found some interesting information.  Fennel supports healthy digestive function, respiratory function, women’s menstrual cycle and possibly sex drive.

In Medieval days it was used to ward off evil curses from witches and the sprigs were hung over doorways to ward off evil ghosts.

A friend of mine just suggested that when rubbed on the throat it will help to open the throat chakra (engery center) and allow us to find our true voice.

There is a saying,  “If you love the smell of an oil you need it emotionally; if you hate the smell you need it physically.” Although I don’t know if this is true (there is no scientific evidence to support this) I’m going to give fennel a try this week.

You know what they say – what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger – so here it goes!

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