There are so many oils to choose from but I do have my favorites.  Some bring back memories – some just make me feel good – and others help me cope with the business of the season.  Let’s talk holiday diffuser blends!

Christmas Spirit essential oil blend – This blend conists of Orange, Cinnamon and Black Spruce and smells amazing.  It helps evoke feelings and memories tied to the joy of Christmas and simpler, more peaceful moments.  It makes me think of the smells of Christmas as a kid at Grandma’s house.

Idaho Balsm Fir and Pine essential oils – I love to blend these two in the diffuser for that real tree smell.  Since we have an artificial tree (due to cats and allergies – but mostly cats) we miss out on the amazing smell of a real tree.  This blend makes our house smell like a Christmas tree lot!

Thieves Essential Oil Blend – This blend not only boosts the immune system but also smells like baking pies to me!  I love to diffuse this blend to get that fresh baked smell in the house – especially since I don’t bake!

Northern Lights Black Spruce and Bergamot – The Northern Lights Black Spruce has an amazing wooksy smell and when added to the sweet smell of Bergamot it has a grounding and uplifting effect on the mood.  Northern Lights Black Spruce also smells nice as a cologn for men!

What favorite blends do you like for the holidays?