Along my chemical free journey I learned about a chemical compound called a phthalate.  Now there are many different kinds and not all have been studied but you may recognize the most common one – BPA (bisphenol A) – that’s the one a lot of manufacturers have been removing from their plastic bottles and such.

But did you know there are many many more out there?  And where to you find them?  Believe it or not all over our houses.  You can find them in your shampoo, cosmetics, body wash, household cleaners, fragrance, vinyl flooring and more.  It could even be in your food that comes in plastic containers or that were processed through plastic tubing.

So how do we avoid them?  Well – unfortunately it’s impossible to avoid them all.  You’d have to live in the woods in a lean too made from sticks but… the good news is that you can start removing many of them from your home very simply.

Start switching out your personal care and home cleaning products first.  Start looking for products that have all natural ingredients.  I spent a lot of time researching and started one by one cleaning out the toxic chemicals from my home.

I started with shampoo and conditioner, skin care, toothpaste and then household cleaners.  I’ve replaced them with all natural products from a company that guarantees the quality of their products.  I also limit the plastic containers in my house and limit the amount of water I drink from plastic bottles.

How do pthalates affect our bodies?  We are all different but some studies have shown they have been linked to asthma, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), breast cancer, obesity and type II diabetes to name a few.  They also can act like hormones to the body – and if you read my story you’ll know that’s what my issues were.  By cleaning chemicals out of my life my body healed itself and my hormones began to balance out.

And just a quick note – these chemicals aren’t always listed on labels as they are not regulated to be.  And you’ll notice that a lot of cleaners on the market don’t tell you the ingredients at all – again they don’t have to.  So do your due diligence and seek out as much information as you can.  I found that some companies will provide the ingredients on their websites but not always.

Want reliable products that you can trust?  Click here to see my favorite products that I now use in my house.