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Happiness Is A Choice!

Happiness is a choice.  I truly believe that.  Why?  Because I've been able to find the joy in so many small things in life. Let me tell you, my life is not perfect.  I have my days that I get down or there are issues that arise.  I have bills and family and work just like you.  But it's how I choose to see those issues that makes a difference. Have you ever found gratitude in a challenging moment?  For [...]

Happiness Is A Choice!2017-09-08T13:23:36-04:00

Fennel Essential Oil – For What?

Once upon a time I bought a bottle of Fennel essential oil.  I hated the smell and gave it away.  Recently I received 3 bottles of fennel essential oil for free.  So - I have decided that this week "I need to make friends with it" as my friend Lori would say. This morning I did some research on Fennel essential oil and found some interesting information.  Fennel supports healthy digestive function, respiratory function, women's menstrual cycle and possibly sex [...]

Fennel Essential Oil – For What?2017-08-14T11:27:05-04:00

Pet-Friendly Living: Chemical Free Products for Dogs

You’ve probably looked at using safer shampoos, soaps etc., for you and your kids, but what about your dog? What about Fido? Here's 5 things to think about when it comes to a pet-friendly, chemical free home: 1. When you clean your floors do you walk on them barefoot when they are wet? Well Fido does whether he wants to or not. Remember that the pads of his feet touch everything and those toxins get into his body in a [...]

Pet-Friendly Living: Chemical Free Products for Dogs2017-07-27T06:49:35-04:00

Oola: Work Life Balance

Is work/life balance possible? For years we've all been feeling it.  "I need to put the hours in to promote and have more out of my career.  But does my family have to suffer at the same time?"  What about time with friends?"  "I need to work so my finances are in order now and in retirement, but when do I get to have fun?" How many of you feel that way?  I have for years and have always wondered [...]

Oola: Work Life Balance2017-02-21T11:34:06-04:00

Healthy Travel Eating Tips

So we went on a little trip to Florida this week.  One of the things I hate is looking for food in the airport and around the area we stay in for healthy yet inexpensive alternatives for food.  So here are my top tips I thought I'd share with you to make your upcoming vacations easier to deal with. (Don't forget to pack your Essential Oils!) Tips For Healthy Eating On The Go: Pick a hotel that has at least [...]

Healthy Travel Eating Tips2017-02-07T20:50:48-04:00

To Wash Or Not To Wash – Clean Hair Tips

So as I was washing my hair in the shower today (OK - I really only rinsed it as I knew I was wearing it up all day) I started wondering just how often should I wash my hair.  And, what is this dry shampoo thing I've heard others talking about? So I decided to do a little research, and oh boy do the answers vary.  Some say only wash one per week but condition 2-3.  Others say wash 2 [...]

To Wash Or Not To Wash – Clean Hair Tips2017-01-18T09:04:16-04:00

Oh, Young Living Essential Oils Diffuser…How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Ways!

The other day I was asked: Why do you love diffusing essential oils so much? There are so many reasons why I love to diffuse and for someone as passionate about Young Living Essential Oils as I am, this can be an incredibly involved response. However, let me just break it down to the main points for you… I used to love to burn candles, but my asthma just wouldn’t stand for it. Diffusing Young Living Essential Oils offered a [...]

Oh, Young Living Essential Oils Diffuser…How Do I Love Thee? Let Me Count the Ways!2017-01-18T09:05:23-04:00

FYI: Young Living’s Enzyme Supplements Can Help Boost Our Immune Systems and Aid in Digestion!

Did you know that immune system issues and digestion are closely linked? Most ailments stem from a compromised immune system, caused by a digestive system that has been thrown off-balance. Young Living enzymes supplements for immune support and digestion health assist our bodies in performing the complex processes of breaking down and processing what we consume. I cannot stress enough the importance of enzymes in regulating the body's systems and aiding in detoxifying the liver, pancreas, and gallbladder. Digestive enzymes break down what we eat, [...]

FYI: Young Living’s Enzyme Supplements Can Help Boost Our Immune Systems and Aid in Digestion!2016-12-27T11:21:14-04:00

Boarding Your Pet? Ease Their Worries By Packing Essential Oils for Pets!

How many of you have boarded or plan to board a pet while traveling this winter? Did you bring a favorite toy or treat with them to help them adjust? Don’t forget Essential oils for pets! Did you know… Bringing along your dog’s favorite oils and a diffuser – scents your pooch is used to – will help keep them relaxed. Most kennels want to help your pet remain stress free and happy when they are separated from you, oftentimes [...]

Boarding Your Pet? Ease Their Worries By Packing Essential Oils for Pets!2016-12-27T11:11:31-04:00

It’s True: Essential Oils Boost Productivity!

Did you know that essential oils can help to boost productivity?  They can support memory and boost your mood, but did you realize by doing those things, they can also boost your productivity? Are you more productive when you’re in a better mood?  I know I am!  Whenever I’m working and I’m feeling pumped, happy and healthy, I get so much more done.  So, it stands to reason that if I diffuse oils that make me feel great I’ll be more [...]

It’s True: Essential Oils Boost Productivity!2017-01-17T16:55:07-04:00