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I have so much to share with you that I’m not even sure where to start.  This page has a lot of little tips, tricks and articles that will help you understand what really works when it comes to such things as exercise, clean eating and just life in general!  Can’t find a topic you’d like to know more about?  Just let me know!

My favorite holiday diffuser blends

There are so many oils to choose from but I do have my favorites.  Some bring back memories - some just make me feel good - and others help me cope with the business of the season.  Let's talk holiday diffuser blends! Christmas Spirit essential oil blend - This blend conists of Orange, Cinnamon and Black Spruce and smells amazing.  It helps evoke feelings and memories tied to the joy of Christmas and simpler, more peaceful moments.  It makes me [...]

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Oola: Work Life Balance

Is work/life balance possible? For years we've all been feeling it.  "I need to put the hours in to promote and have more out of my career.  But does my family have to suffer at the same time?"  What about time with friends?"  "I need to work so my finances are in order now and in retirement, but when do I get to have fun?" How many of you feel that way?  I have for years and have always wondered [...]

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Healthy Travel Eating Tips

So we went on a little trip to Florida this week.  One of the things I hate is looking for food in the airport and around the area we stay in for healthy yet inexpensive alternatives for food.  So here are my top tips I thought I'd share with you to make your upcoming vacations easier to deal with. (Don't forget to pack your Essential Oils!) Tips For Healthy Eating On The Go: Pick a hotel that has at least [...]

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FYI: Young Living’s Enzyme Supplements Can Help Boost Our Immune Systems and Aid in Digestion!

Did you know that immune system issues and digestion are closely linked? Most ailments stem from a compromised immune system, caused by a digestive system that has been thrown off-balance. Young Living enzymes supplements for immune support and digestion health assist our bodies in performing the complex processes of breaking down and processing what we consume. I cannot stress enough the importance of enzymes in regulating the body's systems and aiding in detoxifying the liver, pancreas, and gallbladder. Digestive enzymes break down what we eat, [...]

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It’s True: Essential Oils Boost Productivity!

Did you know that essential oils can help to boost productivity?  They can support memory and boost your mood, but did you realize by doing those things, they can also boost your productivity? Are you more productive when you’re in a better mood?  I know I am!  Whenever I’m working and I’m feeling pumped, happy and healthy, I get so much more done.  So, it stands to reason that if I diffuse oils that make me feel great I’ll be more [...]

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Best Essential Oils for Travel

So in a couple of weeks I’ll be headed to Dallas, TX, for our annual Young Living International Convention. I love traveling and seeing new cities, but I always check the weather before I go. Wow! It’s 100 plus degrees there every day this week. I love the heat, but this will be interesting. More important to consider than the weather or what I will pack to wear, is what oils I will take with me. Obviously I’ll pack all my YL skin [...]

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Lemon, Orange, Tangerine Essential Oils and Negative Ions

(Click image above to learn more!) Positive Ions Positive ions are produced by electronic equipment and are found in man-made environments.  They help stimulate the sympathetic nervous system, necessary for recovering, strengthening and energizing.  However, an overabundance of positive ions can contribute to stress and agitation.  These positive ions are created by lights, computer screens, cell phones and more. Negative Ions Negative ions are produced by the ocean, the forest, salt lamps and essential oils.  Getting these negative [...]

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Support For a Sensitive Stomach While Traveling

If you have from a sensitive stomach while traveling, whether flying, driving or on a cruise, you know that it can ruin a great vacation. Feeling green on any form of transportation for any length of time is no fun! So here’s what I did when it happened to me - I put a drop of Ginger Vitality oil with a drop of Peppermint Vitality oil in an empty vegetable capsule and swallowed it to help soothe my yucky travel tummy! [...]

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Enhance Your Workplace With Essential Oils

You may know that Young Living Essential Oils can be used to enhance your mood, so what about your office or professional space?  Essential Oils from Young Living for an office, waiting waiting room, conference room or treatment room. How often and how long do people wait in those spaces? If you have an office space such as these and want to set yourself apart from the competition, diffuse Young Living Essential Oils. Enhance Your Workplace With Essential Oils There [...]

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Top 10 Reasons I Carry Peppermint Vitaility Oil at all Times

Peppermint Vitality oil is well known for its unique fresh scent and flavor! Because it is so versatile, I keep peppermint vitality oil handy with me at all times: in my purse, suitcase, desk drawer, and even in my car. But did you know Peppermint Vitality essential oil promotes and enhances healthy intestinal function? And that it may also support your performance during exercise when ingested. or added to water during physical activity?* There are so many ways to use [...]

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